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Implantation of Biofibre ® hair, a certified CE 0373 and TGA Medical Device, is the result of a two-decade in depth Scientific Research promoted by Medicap ® and conducted by many Universities and Important Members of Prestigious international Medical Societies.


To ensure to the patient a safe and effective result, the Directive 93/42/EEC designed to regulate all the implantable medical devices and the Competent Health Authorities of the different Countries since 1996 entrusted only of an Experienced, Qualified Hair Implant Physicians with the task of using certified artificial hair.


As demonstrated by Clinical and Histological Studies and by abundant literature on the subject the Safety and Effectiveness of Biofibre Hair Implant procedure is guaranteed by:


chemical, physical, mechanical, and aesthetic features of Biofibre ® — biocompatible artificial Hair;

use of Adjustable and Automatic Implant Instruments manufactured by Medicap ®;

compliance with modern Medical Hair Implant Protocol and Post-Implant Protocol;

total reversibility of the technique that allow the removal of implanted fibers in case of need (1-2% of cases).

The two-decade experience in this field, as well as the close cooperation between Medicap and many international renowned Medical Clinics, led Medicap to organize in Exclusive Biofibre Hair Implant ® Qualification Trainings all over the world.